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Pamilyko.Net has been providing free services to the Filipino community all over the world since 3/1/2003, thanks to the support of our sponsors, paying advertisers, and its loyal Premium Members. For just less than USD $1 a month, you also can become a Premium Member. Collected funds goes toward server maintenance costs, improvements and future developments. Your support allows Pamilyako.Net to continue serving the Filipino community at it's best! 

What is Pamilyako.Net Premium Membership?
Pamilyako Premium Membership provides you with additional features that a basic membership does not provide. Whether you visit Pamilyako every day or only occasionally, many useful tools are available to enhance your surfing experience. You will also be contributing to the support and maintenance of the Pamilyako.Net site. We thank you for your support!

The following is a list of some of the Premium Member features available today. In the future, we will be working to bring you newer and better features, the current rate for this year and renewal fee is only $10.00 per year.
  1. Premium Medal on your Profile Page
  2. Premium Shield Logo on your Profile Page
  3. Larger Storage Space for pictures and files
  4. Create up to 10 Albums (Regular members up to 5)
  5. Upload up to 100 pictures on your personal page (Regular members up to 50)
  6. View all your visitors history (Regular members see 5 last visitors)
  7. View a list of your posting history (Regular members see 5 last postings)
  8. Send emails to unlimited recipients (Regular members can only send 10 at a time)
  9. Invisibility - (Stealth Mode: Browse profiles undetected)
  10. Ability to view all threads and postings
  11. Access to Premium Member Lounge
  12. Your own personal workspace
  13. Secure files upload - Access anywhere
  14. Free Technical Support by email
  15. Pamilyako Hallmarks - Send an Electronic Personal Postcards
  16. Friends Location - Find out your friends location when online
  17. You can view all profile pictures and album in the gallery
  18. You don't need to subscribe to access a private threads
  19. You will need to subscribe if you want to get email notfication when there's a new post. (if you have not post anything to that thread)
  20. There is no approval process for you. If you subscribe to a thread, you are automatically added to the group.
  21. You can go to any part of the website.
  22. Access to future Pamilyako development features

Support Pamilyako.Net because...
Pamilyako.Net is YOU! To become a Pamilyako Premium Member for a year, you can send USD $10 to:

Premium Membership
9778 Katella Ave. Suite #117
Anaheim, Ca. 92804

Please make check payable to: DKSWEB, Inc.

or pay online by clicking on the Paypal button below.

- $10.00 (1 Year only)
- $10.00/year (subscription)

Note:The secure credit card payment processing is provided by This means your online purchase is entered using a secure server, and your credit card information is transferred internally within PayPal via a secure, encrypted system. Your credit card information is only known to PayPal, and at no time do we have that information recorded anywhere on our servers.

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