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Re: 80's
Posted: 05/05/08 09:50 PM

Batang 80's ka kapag....

1. May scars ka on your knees and elbows.
2. You owned a BMX bike (kaya dumadami scars
kakasemplang sa bike).
3. Kumain ka ng aratilis sa puno ng kapitbahay.
4. You plucked all the gumamelas in your neighbor para
gumawa ng soap bubbles.
5. You just can't resist jumping in a sandpile.
6. You know all the street games (patintero, agawan
base, siato, sipa, langit-lupa,
7. You know this code by heart
(select-start for 2 players).
8. nagkaroon ka ng Superhero costume.
9. For the girls: You dressed up like Punky Brewster,
Madonna and Debbie Gibson
For the boys: You dressed up like David
's knight rider, David Bowie
or had Superman's little bangs.
10. You had a denim jacket
11. You had a sticker book especially that Age of
Dinosaurs sticker book.
12. You were addicted to rainbow brite, carebears, my
little pony
thundercats, bioman, voltes v, mazinger z, daimos,
etc., etc.
13. You played pc games like tapper, moonbugs, alley
cat and prince of persia .
14. Ms Word did not exist in your vocabulary but
Wordstar did!
15. You've climbed up mango trees to catch salagubang,
tie a sting around its
neck and let it fly around in frenzy.
16. You've spent hours in the afternoon catching
tutubi... yellow-green was
the easiest to catch, blue being finicky, and red
being a rare breed...
17. You used to take Flinstones vitamins (which you
didn't mind cause it was yummy)
and Scott's liver oil.
18. You know the catoon show, Beverly Hills Teens.
19. You know Kuya Bodgie, Ate Siena and Toto Peg from
20. You watched Uncle Bob's Lucky Seven Club.
21. You used AQUA NET to fashion ur 4-inch-high bangs.
22. Your blouses had paddings.
23. You watched some of your favorite movies on
24. You collected and swapped; perfumed stationeries
with your classmates and
friends, but followed the unwritten rule that you
never write on them.
25. The only place you go to for summer vacation is
26. You remember what Ricky Martin used to look like
back then, pero mas type mo si Roby Rosa.
27. ...when you think that Julie Vega is a better
actress that Judy Ann
28. You get confused playing playstation because of
all the buttons on the keypad
(nintendo only had the direction pad, a & b buttons
and the start & select keys )
29. You know all the Bagets and Ninja Kids
30. Naging idol mo si Larry Bird and Magic Johnson
31. Favorite wrestlers mo sila Hulk Hogan, Ultimate
Warrior, Randy Savage and
Brutus the barber beefcake.
32. You were taught to comb your hair one-sided
33. You've collected mongo beans so you can have
ammunition for sumpit.
34. You knew who madam bola and sitsiritsit and
alibangbang were .
35. Every Christmas you anticipate going to BIG Bang
sa Alabang- with the giant slide.
36. You know the Ewoks
37. Cute na cute ka sa mga SMURFS.
38. You had Mighty Kid shoes and Greg shoes.
39. You owned a TV na wala pang remote, Rotary pa yung
lipatan ng channel.
40. You know what Time Space Warp means (and you know
who Fuma Lae-Ar is).
41. You and your barkada had a specific Bioman name.
42. You *bleep*ed all the nectar from the santan plant
hence your mother got
really pissed at you for destroying the santan plant.
43. You played with marbles and text (yung cards
ha!!!) And you count cards
like this: I-SA, DALA-WA, TAT-LO, A-PAT... walo na
44. For girls: You wore denim miniskirts with rubber
For guys: You had those bitin na pantalon which you
wore with high-top rubber shoes!!!
45. You loved cheezels and chicakdees because of the
great prizes it had!
(remember mailbox hands, bear popups, and the stick on
tattoos which were banned
due to drugs daw?)
46. Sosy ka if you bought a Magnolia drumstick
47. Twin Popsies were meant to be shared with a
48. You have those disney bow biters for your rubber
49. Six digits lang ang telephone number niyo dati.
50. You know who Alf is.
51. You're familiar with the show Perfect Strangers.
52. Idol mo si McGyver.
53. Nanood ka ng That's Entertainment. .. Gusto mo ng
Wednesday group kasi andun si Lilet.
54. You watched some of the TV Series like Mr. T,
Knight Rider, Airwolf, Blue Thunder,
Miami Vice, Falcon Crest, The Love Boat,etc...)
55. nakagamit ka ng Tatlong .25 cents para sa Pay
56. Napanood mo pa si Aiza sa Eat Bulaga nung bata pa.
57. Kay Amado Pineda ka pa nakikinig noon para sa
Weather News.
58. You drank Chocolate milk from the Magnolia glass
bottle which you kept for
holding water in your ref.
59. Brown Cow tasted better than Hersheys!
60. Shake Rattle and Roll 1 was the most horrifying
movie for you then.
61. The most comfortable shoes for you is still Sperry
62. Dress shoes mo eh loafers pa rin.
63. The best movies of all time are pretty in pink,
breakfast club, 16 candles
and some kind of wonderful
64. Fiesta carnival was the place to be (kumbaga
enchanted kingdom sya ng 90's).
65. Masarap ang Goya and Serg's.
66. Bigbang and Cloud 9 and favorite chocolates mo
67. Nakakasakay ka pa sa kotseng walang aircon.
68. You know the lyrics ng Tinapang Bangus at
Alagang-alaga namin si Puti ng Bat

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